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World Environment Day

Today is the World Environment Day!
There’s not enough buzz on the social media and the event seems all set to be buried in the jingoism of India’s cricket win on Pakistan. Isn’t this an indication of our apathy to the Mother Nature? ‘We the people’, who flood our FB walls with love messages on Valentines and Mother’s day, conveniently choose to ignore the environment day and assign the entire responsibility of its upkeep to the Paris Climate Deal, Donald Trump, and Modi.
And this despite the fact that we have been continuously reeling under the effect of the ‘dangerous climatic changes’. Chennai has been experiencing above 40 degrees Celsius of heat incessantly for more than a month now. Drought hit Chennai reached this state after the flash floods of 2015 and cyclone Vardah last year swept off more than 20,000 tons of wood. Who is responsible for this?
Besides criticizing governments for not bringing in enough legislation to curb the violators of emission norms, we should start thinking of the measures we can take to make our city, state, country, and planet a better place to inhabit. Chennai has been witnessing mindless proliferation for quite some time now, and in the process of building the concrete jungle, we didn’t think twice in blocking the water ways. In other words, we invited the misery we are currently into. And are still not thinking of planting enough saplings to replenish the green cover lost in ‘Vardah’. Are we awaiting for the situation to become even grimmer? Or have we actually decided to confine our efforts simply to all-round-criticism and delegation (to State and Central government) on such matters of mass concern, while we continue to celebrate Valentines with all pomp and show!!! Remember, in democracy, we get only as efficient and responsible a government as we ourselves are!

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