Our Team

Conglomerate of professionals desirous to provide time for active listening.

Dr. Shyama Nagarajan

Dr Shyama Nagarajan, is a Medical Graduate with a Masters in Hospital Management from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), and a Masters in public health management from National Board. She has over 22yrs of multifaceted experience in both public and private sector, including the donor partners and corporates.

Having served at a national leadership roles at ICRA, The World Bank, Fortis and Ernst & Young, faculty to some of the leading management institutes in the country and as mother in a joint family; she has had the opportunity to closely watch the changing facets of human nature at different at different stages of life when exposed to various environmental challenges and its impact on human being at their cellular levels.

Therefore, while she is into providing active hospital and healthcare consultancy services; given her experience she intends to share her time for active listening to people across age groups to unburden fellow friends, and enable them to love themselves.

She was instrumental in pioneering Healthcare Grading (opining on institute’s capability to deliver quality care, offering price versus value analysis) services in India during her tenure in ICRA, and has to her credit more than 65 national and international publications in peer reviewed journals, voiced her opinion as domain expert and published thought leadership papers in national and international forums, panels, industry houses. Her detailed CV can be accessed on her linkedin profile.

Dr. Amitabh Dutta

Dr. Amitabh Dutta, is a medical professional with MD in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, from PGI-MER, Chandigarh. He also has PG diploma in Human Rights, IIHR, New Delhi. Since 2008, he is a Long-term Fellow of the Bioethics combine of ICMR (New Delhi, India)-NIH (Fogarty Medical Center, USA). Currently, he is serving as Senior Consultant (Anaesthesia) and Bioethics Consultant, Department of Anaesthesiology, Pain, and Perioperative Medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH), New Delhi, India.

He is Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology, Ganga Ram Institute for Medical Education and Research (GRIPMER). He is also Member of Ethics and Science (Protocol) Committee of SGRH. Having been an Intensive Care and Pain Medicine expert, Dr. Dutta has closely dealt with people with severe suffering and the pain it brings about. His empathy towards people, their sufferings, and desire to heal in whichever capacity possible had motivated him to undertake structured training to understand Human Rights issues related to people and Care Ethics. Also, since medical science is hand-in-glove with complex and varied ethical dilemmas, he trained himself in Medical Ethics in order to address ethical issues much more equitably than ever before. This has facilitated his approach to anesthesia healthcare delivery, especially those pertaining to Pain management and Palliative Medicine.

His repertoire in this area has helped him to publish extensively and present his work around the world. Some of the well-applauded ones in Bioethics include:

  • In-Flight Incidental Medical Care by A Doctor Co-Passenger: World Congress of Bioethics, 2012, Rotterdam
  • Evaluation of ethical requirements resource (s) diversity in Bio-scientific research submissions: Annual meeting of the Asian Bioethics Research Network (ABRN), Beijing, China, 2007 Comparative evaluation of technical simplicity and safety profile of a new versus conventional combined spinal-epidural technique. Euroanaesthesia 2006, Madrid, Spain (Poster-cum- Platform)
  • Behavioral reinforcement and play in pediatric outpatients: effects on anxiety, parental-separation and induction. Euroanaesthesia 2007, Munich, Germany

He is a recipient of several innovation funds and awards, the notable award being the Nomination for Mark S. Ehrenreich Award for research in Healthcare Ethics, University of Southern California, Gould School of Law, USA, World Congress of Anaesthesiology. He maintains a keen interest in the areas of Paediatric Behavioral Psychology, Human Rights and Bioethics in Clinical Medicine & Research. He is a well-known critique of Internationally published work relating to Selective Spinal Anesthesia and Research Hypothesis and Methods construction.

N Sailesh Athreyaa

An Electronics Graduate with Masters in Computer Application from Madras University, and PG-Diploma in International Business from  Pondicherry University; Sailesh has been a bridge between the man and the machine in all walks of life, traveled so far. His rich industry experience of 15 years spans across  on use of Technology and Management solutions in Operations with Retailers across Middle East, North America, Europe and India.

A person with exceptional analytical skills and ability to intelligently juggle words, his repertoire as an articulate communicator across people at all levels has expanded his network of well-wishers across his professional and community life. Started as an obsessive techie, he realized early that benefits of technology can be realized only when its understood within the larger context of its ability to touch life of people.

A voracious reader and versatile sports person, well versed with diverse cultures across 4 continents, his innate people skills has helped him to gain 360 degree customer view to innovate and offer better technical solutions for business needs.

Whilst carrying out his professional responsibilities, he has been empathetic to listen to people’s need for esteem across age groups.  He has thus spearheaded and supported sports initiatives to ensure holistic growth and development, wherever he worked.  A thinker observant of frailties of human nature, he endeavors to bring out the best of a person and improve life.

Taruna Sharma

Taruna is a Social Development professional, with a Masters degree in Social work and Honours diploma in Systems Management. She has more than 22 years of work experience and has managed various poverty alleviation programmes, across the health, education, women empowerment and various other sectors in the international development arena.

Taruna is passionate about working with people. She has developed strong communication skills and is a good listener. She believes that good communication between people is the most essential requisite for developing strong relationships and solving problems. A patient listening can result in many solutions. With this zeal, Taruna would love to devote time to listen to people so that they can unburden themselves, think through and find solutions.