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My First Brush with Humility

I must have been 10 then. I was playing around my uncles’ motorcycle, while he was inside the bank for some work. Having been taken around the town on the glittering motorcycle for quite a few times, I had developed a certain possessiveness about it. Possibly that was the reason I got irritated to see a Sadhu – in the typical gerua attire and kamandal – sitting on the parked vehicle with an unparalleled élan. I did not say or do anything, but that was more out of a certain scare. I kept fuming inside, waiting for my uncle to emerge out of the bank and teach the sadhu a befitting lesson.

But to my frustrating surprise, my uncle greeted the Sadhu and asked respectfully if he could take away his motorcycle.

The Sadhu jumped off, smiled warmly, and complimented my uncle’s humility. “Keep up the goodness in you”, he said.

I was bewildered to the core.

It took me three decades to understand that moment and imbibe it in my persona.

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